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Zidane and Real Madrid's contract expired in June 2018, after he once said, "I did not prepare anything for the next season," which shows that Zizu was not sure their future Adam Graves Jersey, but now in the Champions League Battle of Bayern before Zidane won the reassurance.

Zidane also felt the attention from the club, but he did not consider the renewal issue, it is because the French people understand that in the football world Mike Gartner Jersey, two games may change a lot of things. But Zizu did well long-term coaching Real Madrid in the past few months, he has been planning the team's summer plan, including the team's signings work, and Zidane also understand that it is impossible for long-term Trust the BBC Adam Clendening Jersey, Real Madrid also need to have fresh blood.

Bayern if not reversal promotion Antti Raanta Jersey, will be the Bundesliga dominance nearly six seasons since the first time missed the Champions League semi-finals. Last week Levandovsky and Hummels injured in the absence of Bayern is the end of the 16-game winning streak of the important reasons, as one of today's strongest football center, Levin has resumed training this week, he and Hummel Sri Lanka will be out of the team, but the final who will play, to be Ancelotti decided, An Shuai said: "Levante in Madrid, I am very optimistic," the Polis themselves said: "recovery is good." 2013 Champions League semi-final, when the effectiveness of Dortmund's Levin, in the first leg against Real Madrid scored four goals, he can save Bayern?