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There are a lot of players in the league in the regular season have the habit of beard, the playoffs have not started their beard has been very lush, such as San Jose shark Brent - Burns. There are fans that Burns should be in the playoffs before the start of the beard scrap and then re-stay in the playoffs, it can be regarded as a true sense of the effective playoff beard, it is possible to bring good luck. It sounds like no reason, but we have been accustomed to the face of bearded Burns, it is difficult to imagine a beard without him.

Defender David Saward said: "I think he is very incredible performance today, his eyes are even open.Verensky is a tough child, he showed his own toughness.However, Velens Is to determine the absence of the rest of the playoffs this year Coach Tuo Torrera has not announced the replacement of his candidates, but most likely to be Kyle - Quincy or rookie Marcus - Newtava, although Both in the previous three war did not play.

When the Belgian brown bear in the overtime by Ottawa Senator "Golden Ball" to win, the Bruins fans quit: scold the referee, throwing debris to the venue, beat the stadium glass baffle Robert Bortuzzo Jersey. The referee in the overtime once a 4 hit 5 penalty, so that in the regular time with three balls of brown bear, fall short, but also to the home advantage back to the senator.