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for whatever it's worth i made a subreddit

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I have a quick question, can anyone tell me how to get ahold of PB or if he's ever said anything about people who want to restart ss, because I've recently come across a copy of the engine.

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Can't believe I came across this... I can tell you that you probably will not be able to get in contact with PB, However, I still am in contact with LordPhrozen. I have sent him the link for this thread.

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And indeed he sent me the link to the thread.

I am the one you call LP, and Yes, I am very much alive, and still very much making games.

For those who wish to contact me I can be reached here : vgteach@gmail.com

And.. I'll just... leave this here...

And may be one of these....

Ill keep peeking on this thread as well. I cant wait to get us all connected again.

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Man, you guys suck at posting links. I tried searching for both the subreddit and the game LP mentioned, but got nothing. Though, according to a little birdy, the game hasn't been released yet.

I just thought I'd post and mention, there's a Facebook community someone created for SS.



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Well, I don't know if anyone is interested, but besides anything lp can provide, psycoboy released a version of the engine onto GitHub. It can be searched out and downloaded in it's entirety. If anyone wanted to start up a project with it as a base I'd definitely be interested.

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double posted *-*