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I have a rather big question to ALL of you who's been with these game-creation communities from the start.

The one and only reason to why I started developing in Mirage etc, was because of this game

called Silent-Shadows, Silent-Shadows Classic, SS-Compendium ETC. Mirage/Elysium/Konfuze-based.

Many versions was released, by a guy called Psychoboy, which now has everything put to sleep, everything is gone. I have all the old versions on my computer as well as backups and stuff, but I was wondering if any of you guys have ever encountered this epic game, since it's the absolute best game I've ever played.

The first versions was released by PB and some guy called Lord Phrozen I believe.
PB is a really awesome programmer and he made so many key features that made the game really interesting to play.

This game was around when I was like 8 years old, to about 2 years ago.

SS/SSC used an itemset that is totally unfamiliar to me aswell, it's from several different sources.

The armors look like this:

I need to know where they are from!

The heads look like this:

These I also want to identify.. Sad

The weapons look like this but I already figured that they are from Ragnarok Online:

I have all the sheets downloaded as well as a massive amount of custom weapons but I can't find the heads/armors. Sad

It seems SS was first based off MS 3.0.3 and PB and Lord Phrozen seemed to know DFA since he wrote about them on echostorms.net

Please help if you got anything! Send me an email: arvidsson.marcus -at- hotmail.com


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1. Body (selfmade from FFT Sprite)
2. Selfmade and ugly
3. Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy Tactics Version.


RPG Maker 2000

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^ Slightly worried than you knew that, zanval.

When was the last time you went outside? :3

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what was so great with this game

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I used to use RPG Maker a LOT when I was ~ 14-16
(thus I know the standart sprites ....I would recognize em all xD)

Final Fantasy Tactics: One of my Favourite Games (PSX Version)

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OMG I wish this game would come back mainly for the community. I still talk to psychoboy from time to time on AIM though I havent recently.

I don't know if you remember me but my in game name was fusara. I played and left and came back to this game soooo many times throughout the years lol.

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Caeruleaus, what happened to the game? I had forgotten about it like 4 years ago and stuff. And for the whole hour ive been trying to find the game again to play, but is it really gone? The game was fun for what it was and I would sooo wanna play again.

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isnt this quite Off-Topic?
The questions Area is meant for Netgore Questions or?

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Well, its about the game itself. I believe that the developer is mainly connected to the game, so this does fall into the topic

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Kuhurhurhur, a~h, Silent Shadows. Good times. Sorry, I just randomly came across this thread and had to post XD Hey Cuchu!! xD I rarely go on msn these days so I haven't spoken to you in forever. Anyways...

I agree with caeruleaus though, the community was the best : p I spent so much time on that game. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with you >.< We musn't have played much during the same times.

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I saw this thread and I just HAD to post when I saw my ol' guildie Merani posted!

The community WAS great, it was small, but really tight-knit, started to lose its way around Compendium, then PB took over again and went back to the really old Classic style, which didn't look as good and wasn't quite as fun.

I remember a few names here though Smile

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What's with the influx of single posters in this thread? o_O

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Apparently a lot of people liked this game.

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Yeah man, we had some good times ^^ A good portion of my teen years was spent playing SS with these guys xD HEY DOMO!! XD Now I see why you made that Facebook post xD

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holy fuc* Laughing out loud, loved it and yeah the community made the game. Still remember how ppl hated xaber even tho he was pretty cool guy Tongue. Toobad i guess it wont ever come back Sad (the game, obviously)
PS: musics were huge part of the game too ^^

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Forgive me if I have no idea what bake's post is supposed to mean. Care to enlighten me???

Maybe you guys should consider trying to put a clone together. You guys seem passionate enough.

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The world may never know..

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Kinda curious why would you want to make a RPG of this game?

The storyline changed constantly over the years not to mention after going through the what 8 different owners of it?

Psychoboy and LordPhrozen
Mallune and Raar
and the one dude that couldnt keep the same name over the years...
Guardian of Angels/Zodia/Zyrius/Zinn/Ares/Mithos/Tiger... and so on... (he still has all the source codes for like 3 or 4 of the versions.)

and as for the game this game was amazing however none of the new programmers really had the time to stick with it... the best version was the classic and btw Spodi long time no chat.

Caeruleaus, cuchulain, domo, and Merani long time no chat. and as for Psychoboy I never hear from him... (edit: I just talked to him...)

and as for the game coming back it could come back lot of people have been asking about it... however I think its best to let the game die with the glory it had instead of constantly having failed attempts of coming back.

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Bluntly put: so I guess there wasn't enough passion.

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some of the new programmers didn't no...

The best on that list would be PB, LP, and Lithgon... I would say another but that would just make me self-centered =P

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HAHAHA this is awesome..

I have so many memories from playing SS, even if the game itself weren't the best I've ever played, but the community in combination made up for it!

Yea, I want to make a new version, I have the knowledge needed and the material, I've been doing alot of research and programming to make a similar game, which works good but yea, you can't make a community in a day. Laughing out loud

And hey domo, don't know if you remember me but yea, I used the name CuChulainn Wink

merani, you should get on msn more often Shock


And also, yea maybe not a new Silent Shadows but a new game with the same graphics and improvements.. You should all just add my msn for more info and a test-client, which I have Laughing out loud

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Were there any really good features or was this a typical game with a good community. (I'm kind of interested about the game itself)

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the best features I would say items that increased your stats and the zone system where if you controlled certain zones you got some buffs... thats pretty much the best part of the game feature wise... however the community was the best part.

and cuchu just cause you have the knowledge and material. doesnt mean u can remake this game you cant make a community.

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Yea, true, but I started learning programming back when I was 12 and that's 5 years ago, so I guess I've learned some stuff, like basically the engine SS was made from, and everything that came after and before.. I've done tons of research, but yea, I can't remake the community, but there's always new stuff to be made and I think it's possible

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I've been programming in C# for about 5 years. (learned python in 3 days too >.>)

I think you could try to remake the game, but better feature wise. Make a good game and strive for a good community. Hopefully the community will end up with some resemblance to the old one. I wouldn't be discouraged by it.

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Music/community and brainless grinding made the game :>

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No it is more than fine shin. Don't bring up ole Spazpunk. I did nothing for the game Tongue By the way I still have all the old source. and if enough ppl actually wanted to play I COULD host it again for a few just for memories. Mabey longer if ppl started playing again.

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Who doesn't remember putting a penny in your keyboard to lock your Ctrl key and going to watch tv . lol

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Penny in your keyboard? Interesting. I usually took the "weight on a key" approach. Tongue

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It was fun there was a amazing community. BUT, the 2.0 version held the best community. Everything post PW version kinda went downhill. I had alot of fun running the game for quite a while. But it got to be a lot of work keeping up with ppl. To many babies QQ