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So back back to when vbgore was a thing i was a happy teenager sitting in my room creating a tiny little game on my own. Then with the maps/sprites/items and quests and the whole game at about 80% complete something in me got bored or preoccupied and i stopped creating. Now i want to bring it to a finish again. So for someone who hasn't been active in quite a WHILE where can i find the reading material to catch up? Is it much different now? Will i still be able to use my old maps and most of the general coding? Does NetGore work in a similar way? Are there better alternatives to support a small MMORPG engine?

Any advice is highly appreciated! Smile Thanks in advance, i can't wait to be back.

Love, Alice

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I seem to be the only person checking these forums daily so I will answer what I can.

No you won't be able to use old code but maybe your old concepts. The wiki and forums are the best place to get started. There are not a lot of tutorials but just knowing C# and looking around helps. With a little conversion you should be able to use all your old graphics.

The community when active is great and willing to help.

I am a javascript/C# developer so I am often torn between this and some of my MMO web engines I have built over the years. It really all comes down to sticking with something and staying with it.

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Thanks Hallsofvallhalla! I guess my main concern in the maps, i worked so hard to create a tiny big world and id love to revive my old maps. Not possible? I coooooould replicate them because ive kept record of them with screen shots for reference but i was hoping to save time '-_-

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hmm that one I cannot answer. There might be some way of converting them but someone with more experience with both engines might be able to answer.

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Thanks for all the help. I think at the very least ill just replicate them. A lot has changed but a lot has been improved on it seems as well so it shouldnt be too difficult to pick it up again Smile

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honestly, converting the maps over will require you to build a tool, if you understand how VBGore saved the maps, and how Netgore saves the maps this should be simple.

In reality all your doing is building the system VBGore used to load the maps but in c#, and then just saving them out in the same format netgore uses.

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NetGore's map format is significantly different than vbGORE's. You can write a tool to migrate them, but you won't be able to do everything without a lot of work.

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I really need to check this place more often. Dang!