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In the past few weeks, Zidane has been asked about his future, and the French answer vague, he once said, "also need to have another person's position." Zidane refers to the natural Lentino, because the latter is the chairman of Real Madrid, master all the power, including the appointment of the coach. Western media was informed that Nathan Gerbe Jersey, as before, Real Madrid President for Zidane is very trust, whether Real Madrid won the championship this season, Zidane will not get out of class.

Real Madrid is the season the Champions League two unbeaten team, one team is Juventus Mika Zibanejad Jersey. Nearly 11 Champions League knockout, Zidane's team 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 losses, only lost to Wolfsburg, and nearly 9 Champions League field can enter more than 2 goals. If the smooth promotion, it will be white army for the seventh consecutive season reached the Champions League semi-finals, and also the team for the sixth time out of the Bundesliga team.

Atletico lucky, 2 games between the Champions League match between the league opponents are ranked bottom of Osasuna. In addition to a few unparalleled positions Dominic Moore Jersey, such as the left and right back and Torres, Ferreira - Carrasco, Simoni arranged most of the main round off. The echelon player Kaidi Barry entered the squad, and Gleesman and Saul Niggs were watching the game on the bench. This is the second time this season, Gloucester missed the Champions League or La Liga Brian Leetch Jersey, the remaining 39 games all starting. His last "holiday" or the first round of the league, because the season accumulated five yellow cards and suspension.