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Hey guys, its been a long time. I'm glad there are still active members here Smile

A lot has happened since I left, I got a sweet job and I got diagnosed with ASD and bipolar disorder. I kinda wanna briefly go over that second topic first, because I feel like I let down a lot of people on this forum with my emotional outbursts and general weirdness on this forum, and I just wanna apologise. I have a much better handle on things now that I'm able to understand what it actually is and how to deal with it. I love this community and everyone on here and hold no grudges.

I've always wanted to create my own RPG Epic, didn't matter what sort, but as a first project I decided to go low risk and go for the fantasy option. I've been working on something since last year, and once it got to a stage where I believed I could get somewhere with it, I built up some savings and left my job.

Initially I was building a single player narrative driven RPG (Ravenwood), in the hopes for a games development grant.

Playthrough Video:

Skip to 4 mins if you just want to get to combat.

Unfortunately during the meeting we didn't see eye to eye, they had many demands which I couldn't go through with including critical design decisions which I didn't feel were their responsibility and would affect my motivation, the grant would appear in 8 months which is far too late, and there were many restrictions they placed on me because I wasn't an established games company yet.

As a result I've gone for a much smaller project on a much smaller time frame. A Multiplayer Hero/Tower defense hybrid with the same basic concepts. As content such as story line and mapping is the biggest time consumer, I've gone for a genre where not a lot of that is needed. For now the working title is called "The Night Hunt".

Basically the premise is that during the daytime, you go out and forage for resources, mine rocks, chop down trees, and use them to build defenses, such as upgrade towers, and forge weapons and brew potions for your hero. During the night time, the monsters come out and attack your base, each night has perpetually stronger armies you have to defend against.

Its in the very early stages so there's no polish, I'm really just getting the code working first. The multiplayer seems to be working well so far, and the basic mechanics are there. I'm giving myself a somewhat ambitious time-frame of a few months to get to a playable state, we'll see how we go.

I know I'm quite flaky with projects, I've started a few on this forum that have never come to fruition, and honestly while my discipline is much better than before from working full time, I don't know if I will finish this either. But I just want to let you guys know that in the event that I do in 6-12 months, if you feel like giving support and play testing the game, I want to give priority to the Netgore guys as its a close nit and friendly community and it's hard to find trust when it comes to internet strangers. You only need one guy to tarnish the game and have it go viral and its all over. Tongue

Unfortunately I'm not looking for developers as I plan on doing the code solo. It's content creation such as 3D Modelling, Music, etc that I'm really desperate for, but I am looking for promoters and play testers later down the track.


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Oh damn, that looks great!

I agree with the decision to go with a genre less meaty. Hell, my main interest in doing a sidescroller was because the mapping was easier. But I quickly lost motivation after realizing how much work balancing an online RPG was. A tower defense would require lots of balancing still, but nothing too unreasonable.

I hate to say this, but is there any possibility of making it a mobile game without throwing out too much of your work (which sounds like it'd mostly be the code, not game design)? As far as "mediums accepting of shallow games" go, mobile takes the cake. Followed quite closely by VR (Vive/Oculus) right now. Then browser-based. Once you are in the "downloadable executable" realm, it becomes a lot harder to promote your game. Steam Greenlight was a promising solution, but never found the balance between "too restrictive" and "full of alpha garbage".

Best of luck!

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Cheers Spodi.

Yeah definitely balance is something that I'd also worry too much about in a PvP game which is why I've just gone for cooperative, gamers are pretty fickle and I'm not the kind of person that could handle feeling like I'm walking on egg shells with every patch.

I think your mobile suggestion is warranted, its a good idea because its core gameplay could mesh easily with a mobile interface. Mobile is probably the best way to go given the nature of the content. Getting it to the consumer easily is always something I think about, and you're right, Steam isn't a perfect distribution platform.

Luckily I'm not working for an AAA studio so I don't have to worry too much about optimisation I just have to make sure to not leave anything silly in my loop. I think the reason they do it is so they can cram next-gen graphics on a cereal box PC but I don't need to do that. I'd just opt for the other way which is a lot easier, use low poly assets, don't have too many textures, basic lighting, minimize drawing, etc.

The biggest change will be multiplayer, I might have to redo all that, not sure. However the code base is still small, so I guess it would be best to look at my options now to see if there's cross platform capability and if not, have plans to switch to one.

As getting a kickstarter (or any form of crowd funding really) going ASAP is my priority, and desktop is what I know best, so I guess ill go for a mobile-stylised game and get some exposure with the prototype first. If there's traction I will have a go at seeing how I can fit it for mobile later on. It may be its something that I don't do simply because its too restrictive or I am too unfamiliar with it and the opportunity cost of extra development time outweighs the benefit, but ill definitely do some research.

Thanks for the suggestion. Smile

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Wow, that's insance Tongue
When are you going to release it?
What's the engine behind this?

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Thanks man.

Its being done in Unity.

I'm looking at a 6 month timeframe to alpha stage, but it really depends on my decision on the scope and aesthetic.