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Hi all,

is it possible to have two or more Netgore Servers in the same PC? How can we configure it?

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You would just need to use different ports and dbs. Easiest would be just to copy all the server files into two places then change the config.

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Ok, If I understand what you are saying, I should have the netgore in two different folders and change the port from where? Which files should I change?

Thank you

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Spodi? Smile

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Spodi do you mean different ports in mysql, so that I should have 2 mysql instances in the same time?

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cmai, to be honest you could have gotten this answer alot faster if you used google, and took the time to understand how networking works. Now for a quick brief explanation on what a port is(I highly recommend you look into a networking tutorial or get a book on it, if you are going to host a game.)

What are ports?

A port is a location on your OS that it uses to receive data, from there it looks up which application is bound to that port and sends it to that specific application. This means only 1 application can be bound to a specific port.(For more information look up the networking layers of TCP/UDP so you can learn what each layer does.)

Therefore if you want multiple servers you are going to have to create another server that uses a different port number, you can easily find where to do this in the wiki.

Since a server uses mysql databases to store its data, you will need another database for the second server as you can run into issues with 1 server writing data to the same entry... UNLESS you develop a system to check if someone is logged into the other server. and that system writes to the database rather then the server software itself.

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Thank you for your reply. I understand this. My question is how i can set the port from Netgore, since the wiki is different from the last version of the engine. (file DemoGame\Gamedata.cs)

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I can't remember the exact file name, but there are a few files. Search for "config" or "settings" - I think it is a .ini or .xml file.

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ServerSettings most likely. Just do a search solution-wide for the port you're using right now and the file will popup or try ServerPort or stuff like that.