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v3.0SE - Deloria Edition

So some time ago I started making a version of Deloria Online with a later version of Eclipse Origins. Since then it has been modified to suit my needs for the game.
There have been several additions to the source, as well as account activation via serial key.

Most of the modifications that have been made were to closely resemble that of the original Deloria Online game. The interface has been modified to look like the original, and all of the original in-game graphics have been included, with some custom graphics also added. The map editor has been updated to allow more layers, and fill options.

DragonSource itself is a compiled archive of old Mirage Source engines, re-released under one name for ease of access by people who wish to use older source codes. I take no credit for the originals, only offer support for them.

v3.0 is the first modified version by DragonSource, which is inspired by Deloria Online. It originally started out as a game, but I have no interest in continuing it. As such, the source code has been released under DragonSource for everybody to use and enjoy.

There are a few things I need to fix up before it's release. But I will post a link here once it's done.