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Does anyone ever did a AutoUpdater for Netgore for the client so he only have to open his client or another program so it autoupdate his clients + all the new GRH in his bin folder.

I've found ClickOnce, but it's only updating the "code", not the folder "bin" which has all the GRH.

I will continu to look at it, but if someone already done it, this could save me lot of time.

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In an older revision, there was the Gore Updater. You could check the repo' and download it from there. It will need some work though, so bare that in mind.

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I will check this out.
I know that SVO did it on their game and it sound like it working properly.

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Yep, SVO use the old Gore Updater so if it works ok for them it must be usable Smile.

Let me know how you get on, as I will need to do this fairly soon.

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Oh ok, sounds good then.
I will look at this Gore Updater and see how it work.