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Hello all!
Most of you should know of me as I'm a bit of a familiar face around the forums Smile but you may not know of my project...


Aura Online is a fantasy 2D MMO from Dark Elemental Studios; featuring magical gods, elemental powers & a fun, tactical turn-based fighting system. Pick from six different races and choose an elemental class; earth, wind, water or fire. Grow stronger by gathering a party of other users and fight your way through beautiful jungle landscapes, fiery dungeons and cities in the clouds. Combine this with an in-depth narrative and unique, classic pixel art style, and the result is an immersive world to explore!

I still have plenty of work ahead of me, but it'll be great if you join me on this adventure Smile I plan to write development blog entries and showcase features & artwork over time. I want to have a close relationship with the future players of Aura, so doing the above will help both you and I to shape and create a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Studio Website: www.darkelemental.com
Game Website: www.darkelemental.com/aura
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuraOnlineGame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuraOnlineGame

I'll keep this short for now and update in due course.

[Edit 24/03/2015]
As of 2 weeks ago the main studio website is up and running. Check back for development blog posts Smile

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This can't be!
I will try this game, count me in!
I am pretty sure, this game will rule.

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dude4004 wrote:
This can't be! I will try this game, count me in! I am pretty sure, this game will rule.

Thanks dude, I appreciate your kind words Smile

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I shall try and put some up soon dude ^^;