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Hi All. My project is doing very well and right now I'm getting artwork completed so I have a custom/unique style for players to enjoy. Plus, it'll look badass! Wink

Part of this involves the game art, such as character sprite templates, tile-sets, etc. I straight away decided that I'll need a pixel artist, which I'm going to start advertising for. But then I thought, does it have to be pixel art? Why not vector art?

So my question is basically, can I use vector based art in my NetGore project? What's the advantages/disadvantages? My logic here is, a dedicated pixel artist is quite hard to find and it would be quite a large work load. Where as with vector images, I think I'd be able to find a bigger range of talent and be much faster to implement in my project. Is this true?

Appreciate any advice, thanks Smile.

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I've checked the Internet about Vector Artist and the look is 7x better than pixel artist.
I'll look forward for your game when it's released Tongue

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I see no reason you can't use raster vector images - after all at that point it really just is a style your artwork would be done in. However, if you're doing it for the style, that might be fine, but if you're doing it for the scalability as well you might want to keep in mind that SFML does not natively support SVG images and that rendering them is pretty resource intensive.

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Thanks for the info. I know it sounds stupid but it's just something I thought I'd ask about Smile. Yea, I won't be using SVG so that's ok.

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There are some good MMOs that pull vector art off quite nicely, but they are all browser-based and most, if not all, Flash-based.

I had also considered inquiring about vector graphics, but I think raster graphics just have that cool retro look, anyway. Wink

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Sorry to reopen an old thread, I was just wondering how badly we are barred from usng vector graphics? I dont know anything presently about SFML. The art style I was starting to trend towards would fit vector quite nicely in a way, as Im thinking of going with a line-drawing/cartoony style to decrease workload and match the subject matter (which is based on a comic book). Black and white line drawings with watercolor type flood fill of areas (whether its clotes, desert sand, water, etc).

Even if the line drawings MUST be raster, it would be preferable if the coloring could be rendered in real time. This would help with character customization, seasonal change, reuse of graphics (sand dunes and snow drifts would only differ in color), and the like.

I just re-evaluated my graphics stratigy this afternoon after trying to lay out a file structure for "brute force" maps... over 2200 maps around 8000 pixels tall/wide ends up taking up way too much space (though to be fair, these would have been reduced by quite a lot by map reuse, since half of those are water, and of what remains, 10% is desert, 10-20% is plains, and 40% or so is forest). The new plan is to just lay out minimal line drawings layered for depth and suggest grass or whatever by coloring areas if possible. It would be quite a shift, but if the line drawings were able to be vector, it seems like there could be a lot of space savings as well as the ability to reuse images at different scales more easily.