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Hello there,

I've been working on a little 2D Rpg Map Editor and it seem like it's doing well Smile

The engine behind this is Unity.
check out the package there : Unity Package
20$ give you access to a very high detailed tiles, also got more than 4000+ PNG for characters with all parts needed.

Just try the demo, you'll see how powerfull it is Smile Demo
Currently, only the character and tiles Editor has been done, but I want to code also Turn Based fight (just like Final Fantasy), Custom Event which doesn't require coding skill, Dialog system, NPC AI... and so on Smile

If you have any question, send me a email to volkov40@hotmail.com

Here is some screenshots

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Just upgraded this package on Unity to V1.6 which now include 2d light!

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Added 2 new versions recently.

V1.7 which bring some AWESOME 2d outlines

V1.8 : Added Patrol AI (Loop, Ping-Pong & Once)

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Here you can see a video showing the latest patch.

I've added Map Chunk which mean I only update the local tiles. All the other are unloaded so it save lot of memory and you can create very very very big maps.

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Here is the new feature that I've done in my Unity Package.
I've fixex many bugs + optimized all the characters so everything is smooth.
Also, the big change are Daytime which mean you can add as many daytime you want.
Some daytime use 2d light like the evening, night, middning.

I also added some weather effect like Rain-BigRain.

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I just updated the Package demo with the new WebGL Demo.
Here is the link

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Many asked what's coming next?

Here is your answer!

I will release this new feature in a new package AND also add it in this package for FREE.
Here is the current demo for the Turn Based (which is in Progress) Demo

If you have any question, just leave a post here OR send me a email to volkov40@hotmail.com

best regards,

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The package has been recently been updated LOT.

I added Inventory & Character Sheets where you can equip your items.

also created a Quest System with NPC

and a Quest Helper.

Feel free to play the demo here

The package can be bought here