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NetGore officially discontinued

For new visitors of this site, I want to point out that NetGore has not been in much development for the past few years, and will almost definitely remain that way. Of course, you are free to still use NetGore if you wish to and it fits your needs. The engine is not without its flaws, but it still has a lot to offer. If you are looking at using NetGore for developing a game, I recommend you search around for some of the other options out there before settling for NetGore. Unfortunately, I don't personally have any to recommend.

Thanks to all who have contributed over the years and have used NetGore for their own projects.

Version 0.4.0 released

The long-awaited v0.4.0 release is now out! Huge improvements have been made to the development process (ie the editor), some new features have been added, and all known bugs have been resolved. I also gave the site a face-lift and have added a lot of content to the wiki. The demo game is nowhere near as good as originally planned, but that will change in a later release.

New website server

With the recent increase in activity, I decided to move the website to a newer, faster server. Everything should be much faster now.

Shifting focus to simplicity and productivity

NetGore is a powerful engine, but has also been notoriously overwhelming. Efforts are now being made to make it so it is much easier to get started making your own game without removing any of the existing functionality. If anyone wants to help out, be it by programming, creating & arranging graphics, or just testing and giving their input as things progress, please contact Spodi.

I don't plan to make a huge overhaul on the first release, and am aiming to get it out by mid November. But you can always check out the progress in real-time by grabbing the source directly from the svn repo. See the downloads page for details.

Editor Video Tutorial

We've posted another video tutorial explaining some of the editor's functions. Note that not all of them are in the released/SVN version of Netgore at the moment. You can find the video here:


This video only explains things for the topdown version, a video showing the sidescrolling features will be posted eventually.

Recent downtime & rollback

Due to some problems, the site's database has been rolled back about a year. Ken of NZ has restored majority of the wiki's content, but all forum posts from that time have been lost. We're working on setting up some stuff to make sure this doesn't happen again. This affects the site only, and not the NetGore code in any way.

Edit: We now have automated rolling nightly on-site backups, and weekly off-site backups, to ensure this won't happen again.

Site maintenance

The web server has been performing very poorly lately. At first it was just the new wiki, but now it appears to be the whole site. We're working on fixing it up to be fast again, but in the meanwhile, there may be some downtimes or other abnormalities. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Will continue to tweak things a little over the next few days, but there shouldn't be anymore downtime.

Version 0.3.5 released

New wiki is up

I set up a new wiki for NetGore using MediaWiki instead of trying to hack a wiki into Drupal. Its quite naked right now, but with some help from the community, it'll quickly start to look better and actually contain some useful information.

You can go to the wiki by using the link at the top of the page, or by browsing straight to netgore.com/wiki/.

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